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We make our pasta and sauces from scratch, using only the freshest ingredients, including produce from local farms. For our pasta, we use organic British flour from WILDFARMED and GILCHESTER ORGANICS, as well as flour that we mill ourselves from grains grown by FLOURISH PRODUCE.


Originating from the Ligurian Maritime Alps close to the French border, these ravioli are filled with potatoes, cheese (varies depending on availability, but typically Kirkham Lancashire or a good pecorino) and fresh mint. They were a staple among the shepherds during the transhumance, made using with the simplest ingredients that were available to them. Traditionally served with Parmesan cheese, more fresh mint and chopped hazelnuts. Perfect to keep the cold weather at bay!


pack size: 8 ravioli, serves 1 person


TURLE - serves 1

  • Fresh pasta: WHEAT flour, organic free range EGG; filling: potatoes; pecorino cheese (MILK); fresh EGGS (organic/free range);Nutmeg

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